Trading is simple when you have A.I.

Trade multiple stocks at a time with live prices, live done-for-you support and resistance zones, and technical indicators. All in one concise screen.

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You don't need multiple screens to trade like a pro

Our AI has the power to understand equations, algos, technical analysis figures, patterns like Fibonacci and Triangle, Moving Averages, Standard Deviation. It is then tested at robot level to bring you the best Trading Signals for your investment.

Trade LIVE with The Interpreter

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The Interpreter is an advanced artificial intelligence robot, that is capable of understanding and translating pattern recognition. In our trading screen, you get to see The Interpreter in LIVE action, giving alerts for technical indicators that are being tested, and live supports and resistances.

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How it Works

1. Pick multiple stock from the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500.

Select any of the 500+ stocks from the three major indexes to see live price and technical indicators being tested at the same time. You can analyze 4 stocks at a time, switch between them to see intraday chart action, The Interpreter’s done-for-you chart analysis and trade straight from your dashboard.

2. Watch multiple stocks' live price and technical indicators being tested.

From intraday 1-minute charts, to Support and Resistances, Fibonacci Levels, Triangle Levels, Pivot Points and more, moving LIVE with the stock’s price and The Interpreter’s analyses. Watch as each support and resistance gets tested with live alerts. 

3. Explore different tools to support your trading decisions.

Besides the live technical indicators and done-for-you charts by The Interpreter, you can easily access moving averages and fundamental analyses all in one-place. You will also find easy access to the Backtest Lab, where The Interpreter performs thousands of tests daily for that specific stock, looking for the best buying opportunities, translating them into live trading signals.

4. Connect with our partner broker and trade straight from your TranslateStocks dashboard.

You can connect with Tradier with just a click, straight from your TranslateStocks dashboard. Set the quantity amount and click to sell or buy the stock you want. You can use done-for-you technical indicators, trading singles from the Candlestick Screener, or buy the dip trading signals from the backtest lab to assist in your trading success.

See the Trading Screen in Action

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