The best buying opportunities in the palm of your hand, every day.

Leverage the power of robust artificial intelligence to find the best buying opportunities in the stock market, refreshed to you daily by 90 advanced algorithms testing on decades of historical data.
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How it Works

1. Pick a stock from the full list of the latest and active buy signals from our automated backtest lab.

Start off by choosing a stock that has a buy signal. These are “buy the dip” signals that are refreshed daily by 90 different algorithms, that run performance tests for each stock in the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500, after the market closes.

In this list you will find the buy price for that stock, the next support and resistance, as well as the number of algorithms that gave us a buy signal for that specific stock, at that specific price.

2. Select an algorithm that matches your trading personality.

Explore the algorithms that gave a buy signal for that specific stock. You can decide based on the hit accuracy percentage, average time per trade, number of trades or average gain per trade. Find an algorithm that matches your trading style, routine, and experience.

Select the algorithm to see its performance history and latest buy signals for the specific stock you’ve chosen previously. ALL RESULTS from every algorithm for every stock is posted, so you can rely on true data and statistics.

3. Find that algorithm's latest and active buy signals, or explore the algorithm's performance history trading that specific stock.

See the algorithm’s trade performance over any given date. The algorithms will test multiple methodologies on over 10 years of market data, every day on auto-pilot. You will also see the latest buy signals that are still active, ready to get into a position.

If you’re satisfied with your findings, you can get into a position and trade with that algorithm, that specific stock and buy signal.

4. Remember to save your signal to "My Signals" to follow the trade and access it easily.

When you get into a position by following an algorithm’s buy signal, you can save that specific algorithm for that specific stock to your “My Signals” list. This way you can easily access to know when it’s time to sell.

By adding a signal to your list, you will also easily access future buy signals from that algorithm, for that specific stock.

See Today's Buy Signals in Action

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