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An easy and powerful way to Trade Stocks and Futures Markets from your computer... with Robots and AI!

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Self Analysis + Interpreter

How about hit the Play Button and watch the Chart Analyse Itself? Fibonacci, Triangles and Head and Shoulder figures? Meet the Self Analysis.

BackTest Lab

Know which indicator gives you a good buy/sell signal is cool. But know it's better if used on Mondays before 11am is even better. Meet the BackTest Lab.


Very nice to know what, when and how to trade. But it is even better if you can launch a robot with your strategy. Meet the Orders Assistant Screen (OA)

Data Mining

With the BackTest Lab you have the power to screen your strategies and optimize your setups.

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Launch your strategies optimized at BackTest Lab into powerful robots controlled by OA Screen.

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The Interpreter does exactly what you're thinking, analyzes the graphics for you. And it "speaks" its interpretation live and out loud to you. Real time. Any chart, intraday or daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studio? Studio is a Chart Platform with Robots installed on your computer. It helps you to create, optimize and trade the best patterns of securities.

Is it a software? Where does it run?

Yes, Studio is a software and can be installed on computers runnings MS Windows. You can run it on your personal computer, or inside a Cloud Server, where it can be secured and running for long periods of time without interruption.
We've designed a Cloud Server just for this purpose, check it out.

Who are the Vendors and the Brokers? Studio is only a software, any Market Data are delivered by third-party companies, called Vendors, and you need a subscription or an account with them to gain access to the market data. Except for Yahoo! API which is provided diretly to you for free (for now).
The same occur for Brokers. Studio provide a built-in Paper Trading Broker Account (except on Free EOD version) for you to test your robots, but for live trading you'll need to have an account with one of our Broker Partners, such as IBKR or a FCM Broker. Below our Partners.

Our software is prepared to connect automatically to our partners systems, you only need to provide the credentials, when it's necessary.

Vendors APIs

  • Yahoo!: FREE but a thrid party service, it could stop working at any time (but it still works)

  • Finnhub: FREE or PAID US Markets and World Markets Real Time Quotes. Free plan has limits. You'll need to register at target=ext> and choose a market data plan.

  • BarChart: PAID US Markets and World Markets Real Time Quotes. A specialist in Historical and Real Time Data, you don't need a Broker Account, you subscribe directly to BarChart service to access all the markets that you need. See more:


  • Paper Trading: A built-in Paper Trading Account is provided by Studio itself (except for Free EOD version).

  • IBKR TWS API: The Order Routing is provided through TWS API, which means you need to have TWS Platform or IB Gateway (TWS without GUI) installed and opened in your computer or server for Studio to send orders. See more:

  • Tradier Brokerage: The Order Routing is provided through Tradier Brokerage API. You'll need to have and connect an account with Tradier for Studio to send orders. See more:

What are the main features? Studio has 3 huge differentials for you.

1) Self Analysis = (All Versions) The Chart analyses itself and shows you in realtime, Fibonacci, Triangles and Head&Shoulders figures.

2) Interpreter = (All versions, except Free EOD) Literally, the chart interprets the market data in real time and tell you what to expect from prices (a voice explaining the analysis for you).

3) Orders Assistant Screen (OA) = (All versions, except Free EOD) If you are thinking that the robot is a function that sends an order to the market when a buy / sell signal is shown inside the charts, you did not understand. OA is a powerful tool that will revolutionize your trading life and your strategies.

4) BackTest Lab = (Biz and BackTest Lab versions) This is huge. A complete module that helps you find the best parameters for an indicator and then, the best trading statistics divided by days, hours, minutes and many other variables. You'll find what you're looking for.

5) Rent Your Signals = (Biz version) Let's create a Business and make money renting your Profitable Trading Setups to other investors. Don't worry, no source code sharing, only real time signals streaming.

What is Low Frequency Trading?

Do you really think that a personal hardware + internet infrastructure, even with the best computers and weblinks, can beat several multi-billion dollar hedge fund robots in high frequency trading? These guys trade on the microsecond scale, directly connected to exchanges within their networks, and you just can't beat them.

But if you create a Low Frequency Robot (robots that send a maximum of one order per minute to the market), you can trade inside a cheap and reliable Cloud Server, without the extra expense of IT infrastructure. Let's face it, no one wants to spend thousands of dollars to host servers that will try to cheat guys who spend millions of dollars hosting high frequency robots.

Low frequency robots often day trade, but they can also swing trade. You can have trades that open in the morning and close in the afternoon. Your life will be simpler, cheaper and probably much more profitable.

How can I rent my Signals?

Let's say you have your own Setups inside the Charts. You use them, they are very good, but you don't have enough money to explore them at their full capacity.

CONGRATULATIONS You have an Opportunity in your hands! You can rent your signals (no source code exchange involved) to other investors and make money with it.

Here is how it works:

At your Side

* First. You need to have the Studio Biz Version of our platform.

* Then, you'll configure your Setups inside the charts, each chart generates one differente signal.

* And you need to host your Studio Charts inside a server (or a computer, but we recommend a server).

* And, at last, you must be a Licensed Advisor.

At Client Side

* The first thing the client must do is to Pay the rent for you. This occurs inside our system and the client will also pay for his platform within the same transaction.

* Once the client has paid for the service, he will open his version of Studio Platform, which name is OA SCreen (no charts involved). He'll host his platform at his side, also inside a cloud server (recommended) or a computer.

* At this point, you're connected in our network with you Studio Biz Platform and the client is connected in the same network with his Studio OA Screen Platform.

* REPEAT. IMPORTANT. This is a Real Time trading, both, you and the clients, must be connected full time. What can easily be done using cloud servers.

* Your charts will generate signals, that will be pushed automatically to our servers, and from there to your clients. And they will trade.

* The Platforms, both sides, can stay opened without Human intervention day in day out. Only simple maintenance, when necessary, should be made.

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