Market Research Just Received a Whole New Meaning

Our advanced algorithms analyze all stocks from the Dow 30, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, and featured stocks, then translate them for you every day into essential data and trade signals.

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500+ Daily Analyses

You don't need to be
an expert to understand
the market

Our AI has the power to understand equations, algos, technical analysis figures, patterns like Fibonacci and Triangle, Moving Averages, Standard Deviation. It is then tested at robot level to bring you the best Trading Signals for your investment.

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How it Works

1. Pick a stock from the 500+ list or search for a specific stock.

You can choose from one of our segmented lists, like our Featured stocks list, or stocks that belong only to Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100 or the S&P 500. Choose to explore its latest trade signals, or explore the done-for-you analysis by the interpreter, combined with more trading signals and fundamental analysis.

You can also save a stock to your favorite’s list or your portfolio. This way the stock you choose will be calculated into the right portfolio distribution.

2. Explore technical analyses ready for you, done by The Interpreter, a powerful A.I. robot.

The Interpreter will analyze the stock at the market close, and translate its findings into a done-for-you graph with figures of technical analyses, list technical indicators like the next supports and resistances, and even tell you which way the market is leaning towards. Don’t forget to also look at the buy and sold moving averages.

You can find these analyses done every day, for every stock that belongs to one of the 3 major indexes, the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ100 and the S&P500.

3. Explore trade signals for fast or longer swing trading.

Here at TranslateStocks, our work doesn’t stop at just translating data. Our team of 90 powerful algorithms will automatically test multiple strategies on over 10 years of market data, for every stock, non-stop. Allowing us to have trading signals that are accurate, precise and provided daily.

You can choose to trade fast with the 48-hour trade signals from the candlestick screener, or opt for a longer swing trade with “buy the dip” trade signals from the backtest lab. 

4. Don't forget to do your fundamental analyses. Yes, all in one place.

Remember you can use fundamental analyses to support your decision making and to grow in knowledge of the market.Explore things like company info, balance sheets, income statements, and even SEC fillings.

5. Save your favorite stocks for easy access or add them to your portfolio for risk management.

Remember to save your favorite stocks to your “My Favorites” list by clicking the heart icon. This will help you easily access your most go-to stocks at any time.

You can also choose to add them to your portfolio. The system will then calculate the best weight distribution for each stock in your portfolio, based on the Nobel Prize Winner, The Markowitz Portfolio Theory and methodologies from top hedge-funds. Click here to know more about the portfolio tool.

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