A fully automated backtesting machine

Our AI system consists of 90 different algorithms testing different methodologies on decades of historical data of over 500 different stocks. On auto-pilot every single day.

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Buying the Dip has never
been so simple

Our AI has the power to understand equations, algos, technical analysis figures, patterns like Fibonacci and Triangle, Moving Averages, Standard Deviation. It is then tested at robot level to bring you the best Trading Signals for your investment.

What are Buy the Dip Signals?

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Our algorithms are running performance tests on decades of historical discovering future possibilities statistically. Our algos are capable of understanding equations, technical analysis figures and patterns. It is then tested at robot level to bring you the best Trading Signals for your investment.
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How it Works

1. Pick an algorithm that suits your trading style and routine.

The Backtest Lab is an automated, non-stopping machine. Here thousands of tests are performed, in order to calculate the best performing algos for each stock in a specific time, with various risk profiles.

Our Backtest Lab consists of 90 advanced algorithms, and on this first page you will find a list of the best performing algos for a specific stock at the specific time you will be entering in.

Easily explore an algo’s accumulated gain over a period of time, its number of trades, average result per trade, average days per trade and its hit accuracy percentage.

Use the detailed query to explore an algo’s result for any stock, over any given period of time.

2. See the algorithm's latest and active buy signals. You can also explore that algo's entire trade history with all stocks.

Explore the algorithm’s trade table. You can look at the latest signals that are still active and ready for a position. Or you can explore its entire trading history, for any given stock at any given time. Search by date, or select a stock to see how the algo performed only for that specific stock.

3. Explore the trade history between an algo and a specific stock.

When you’re exploring an algorithm, you can select a stock to see the entire trade history, current and past, between that specific algorithm and that specific stock.

You will see the latest and active buy signals as well as past closed signals. Analyze the trade signals over the price chart, the investment evolution chart and the profits and losses diagram.

You can also access the trades table between an algorithm and a specific stock through the Market Research, inside the analyses by The Interpreter area.

4. Remember to save this signal to your list to know when it's time to sell, or to easily access future signals between that algo and the specific stock.

This is how you easily access your favorite algo + stock combination. You can save unlimited signals to your list. Remember that we have 90 algorithms running performance tests DAILY, so make sure to keep your eye out for new favorite signals.

See the Backtest Lab in Action

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We use powerful AI to translate
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