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The Chart Triumvirate

1. The Programming Language

2. The BackTest Lab

3. The Robot Charts

The Interpreter

Watch in Awe as Fibonacci, Triangles, and Head and Shoulder Figures are Unveiled in Real-Time - Hit the Play Button.

BackTest Lab

Unlock the Secrets of the Perfect Buy/Sell Signals with our exclusive backtesting - Use it and discover the Best Results.

Trading Robots

Transform Your Trading Experience with the Power of Automation - Launch your Trading Robots and Monitor their Performance on the Go!

Desktop + Web Applications

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with our Revolutionary Desktop and Mobile Platform - Convenience and Power Unbeatable!

Rent Your Strategies

Revolutionize Your Business with Our Platform - Create Your Own Robo-Like Business by Renting and Selling Your Robots and Algorithms.

Whitelabel Solutions

Achieve Business Success with Our Customizable Platform - Create Unlimited Bots and Serve Unlimited Clients Under Your Own Brand!

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Actual Charts From Last Close Available Now:

Transform Your Investment Strategy with The Interpreter
Analyze the entire S&P 500 at Close and Get Insights and Supports/Resistances.

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Revolutionize Your Trading with Data Mining

Get Ready Signals Inside the Web Dashboard or Historical Data on the Desktop.

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The user-friendly interface of the platform makes it easy to personalize your trading bots. It's tailored for frequent traders.


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Ready, set, trade! Our brand new trading platform is finally here and to celebrate, we're offering a limited time launch special. Sign up now and lock in our special introductory price of just $29 a month. But hurry, this offer won't last forever! After February 2023, the price will go back up to its regular price of $49 a month. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this opportunity to trade like a pro for a steal!

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  • Programming Language TS-Script to build indicators
  • 10 Years of US Stocks Intraday Market Data
  • Integration with Brokers for Order Routing

Always Free


We understand that trying out a new trading platform can be daunting, which is why we're offering a free version of our platform.

With our free version, you can test drive our platform with limited access to end-of-day quotes and no trading signals or broker integration.

And the best part? It's completely free and it never expires! No strings attached.

But keep in mind, if you want to unlock the full potential of our platform, we recommend upgrading to one of our paid subscription plans.

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  • Limited Access to Web Dashboard Trading Signals
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  • Fully Automated A.I. Analysis End-Of-Day
  • Backtests for End-Of-Day US Stock Charts
  • NO Trading Robots and NO Brokers
  • Programming Language TS-Script to build indicators
  • End-Of-Day US Stocks MarketData
  • Always FREE, No Expiration, No Credit Card
* The features are only limited by the processing power of your computer / server.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.

Email us your question Send us a tweet

What is TranslateStocks.Studio?

TranslateStocks.Studio is a Chart Platform with Robots installed on your computer/server. It helps you to create, optimize and trade the best patterns of securities.


Is it a software? Where does it run?

Yes, TranslateStocks.Studio is a software and can be installed on computers/servers runnings MS Windows. You can run it on your personal computer, or inside a Cloud Server, where it can be secured and running for long periods of time without interruption. We've designed a Cloud Server just for this purpose, check it out.


What are the main features?

TranslateStocks.Studio has 4 killing features for you! 1) The Interpreter = Realtime stock analysis with A.I. (awesome). 2) Orders Assistant (OA) Screen = Robots and Manual Trading peacefully living together. 3) BackTest Lab = A powerful tool to calibrate indicators on charts and find statiscal bias on historical big data. 4) Rent Your Trading Signals to your Customers = Soon. Just share your signals and set up a business from this.


Who are Translate Stocks integrated with?

For now we are integrated with Tradier and TradeStation Brokers and BarChart Vendor.

Technical Analysis Secrets

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